Transfer/Posting Order of PAS, PMS and Ex-PCS/BS-17 Officers Punjab Lahore

The Additional Chief Secretary Service & General Administration Department Punjab, Lahore has issued notification No. S.O.(ADMN-II)1-1/2017 dated 21st July 2017 and 31 officers from PAS, PMS and Ex-PCS/BS-17 Punjab Lahore has been transfer and posted various Districts and Tehsils of the Punjab. Copy of subject notification is attached for information.  Special Thanks to Respected Sir, Arshad Ahmad.


Revised Rates of Daily Allowances Punjab Lahore.

In continuation of Finance Department Government of the Punjab Notification No. FD.SR-1/9-2/2010 dated 01.01.2013 the competent authority has approved the revise rates of existing daily allowances admissible to Government officer and officials while on official duty within the country vide letter No. FD.SR-I/8-2/2015 dated 18-07-2017. The detail of existing ordinary and special rates and Revised rates as mentioned below.

BPS Existing (Rs.) Revised w.e.f 1st July 2017 (Rs.)
Ordinary Rates Special Rates Ordinary Rates Special Rates
01-04 310 500 496 800
05-11 390 550 624 880
12-16 700 900 1120 1440
17-18 1250 1600 2000 2560
19-20 1550 2050 2480 3280
21 1750 2500 2800 4000
22 1750 3000 2800 4800

Notification attached.


Project Allowance for Project/Programmes Punjab

Government of the Punjab Finance Department Lahore issued letter No. FD.SR-I/9-20/2006 dated 14-06-2017 in continuation letter dated 21st November 2014, 30th December, 2016. It is clarified with the approval of the Chief Minister that the policy about Project Allowance is applicable only to the civil servants, already in service, who are appointed through a competitive process and the same is not applicable to the employees who are recruited on contract basis directly against the project posts and are permanent part of the project/programes.


Revision of Basic Pay Scales & Allowances 2017

Government of Pakistan Finance Division regulation wing has issued notification  No. F.No.1(3)lmp/2017-500 dated 3rd July, 2017. The president has been pleased to sanction the revision of Basic Pay Scales & Allowances w.e.f 1st July, 2017 for the civil employees of the Federal Government, Revised  Pay scale chart and other detail is as under

1- Revision of Basic Pay Scales

The basic pay scales 2016 replaced with 2017 w.e.f 01 July 2017.

2- Fixation of Pay of the existing employees

3-Fixation of Pay on promotion

4- Annual increment.

5- Ad-hoc Allowance-2010

6- Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2016

7- Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2017  @10%  of the running basic pay of BPS-2017.

8- Special Pay and Allowances

for further detail please download complete notification PDF format as well png. Moreover an anomaly committee shall be set up in the Finance Division (Regulation Wing) to resolve the issues.

Basic-pay-scale-2017-page1Basic-pay-scale-2017-page2Basic-pay-scale-2017-page3Basic-pay-scale-2017-page4Pay Scale Chart 2017Basic-pay-scale-2017-page6



Training of Newly Recruited Educators and AEOs 2017

The School Education Department Govt. of the Punjab has issued letter vide No. SO(SE-IV)2-50/2015 dated 16th May 2017 to The Programme Director, Directorate of Staff Development, Lahore to take necessary steps for development of appropriate  modules for training of Newly Recruited Educators & AEOs 2017.  Timeline for completion of Recruitment process mentioned in the letter is as under.

1- The 3rd Party validation will be completed till 20.062017

2- Issuance of Offer Letter to successful candidates till 30.06.2017

3- The Training of Educators  may be completed on 14.08.2017

4- The Training of AEOs may be completed up till 31.08.2017