High Court Order regarding Extra duties of SSE/SST(IT/Computer Science) Punjab

 notification.pk-order-High-court-lahore-sse-sst-it-computer-teacher-duties-1notification.pk-order-High-court-lahore-sse-sst-it-computer-teacher-duties-2Order No. IC(Lit) 1-491/2015 issued by the Secretary Schools Education Department Punjab, with the direction of Honorable Lahore High Court, Lahore vide order dated 07.07.2015 regarding Extra duties from SST/SSE (IT/Computer Science) of high & higher secondary Government of the Punjab School Education Department. The Secretory School Education hereby dispose of the representation of the petitioners, as there are no instruction issued by the Department for taking additional duties from SST/SSE (IT/Computer Science). PFA.